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Grant Final Report

(Please provide three clear printed copies)

Date Grant Accepted_______________________________________

Organization or Individual__________________________________________________________

            Social Security Number or Federal Identification Number___________________________

Project Director____________________________________________


City__________________________________ State____________ Zip Code_________________

Primary Phone Number ____________________________ Cell Number ____________________


Amount of Grant $_________________        Amount Used $______________________

Amount Unused $__________________ (Make check payable to Fort Wayne Branch AAUW Trust and present said check to the Trust treasurer at the time of the final report presentation.)


General Project Description:


Major Results of Project:


Final Grant Report 1 of 3 revised 2015


AAUW Fort Wayne

Was the project completed as detailed in the grant application? _____yes _____no

If ‘no’, explain


Describe importance of the project to the needs of the community (for AAUW recipients: to AAUW):


What are the long range implications of the project?


How did you publicly acknowledge the financial support of the Trust?


Grant Final Report 2 of 3 revised 2015

AAUW Fort Wayne

Project Accounting (attach copies of all invoices and receipts to the original copy of this report)

Expense Items                                                 Income amount by source:

       —-                                                            AAUW Trust   Other   In-kind             Subtotal by item

Sub totals:        AAUW: ____________          other: ___________ In-kind:___________

                                                                                                            Total Project Cost: __________


Attach other information, such as printed materials, of interest, not covered in the questions.

Printed Name of Submitter: _____________________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________________


Grant Final Report 3 of 3 revised 2015