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Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust

P.O. Box 10993, Fort Wayne, IN 46855

Sample Trust Grant Contract

I (or organization name), __________________________________________, hereby acknowledge receipt of ________________________________________dollars ($_____________) granted this ________day of _____________, 20___ by Fort Wayne Branch AAUW Trust for the fund/program titled_________________________________________________________. These monies are to be used exclusively by the above named for the stated purpose outlined in the grant application.

To wit:

            I, stated above named, will extend recognition of AAUW Trust as funding source in publicity specific to this grant. Further, I agree to provide the AAUW Trust with an accounting of the activities and/or research implementation and expenditures pursuant to the grant. Finally, I agree to provide written documentation and receipts of money spent as well as publicity and other forms of media used to acknowledge the project and AAUW Trust as funding source.

This grant shall be used within the time period specified in the grant application (the latest usage date is ____________________________), with any unused monies, interest accrued by grant funds, or money spent from the grant funds outside the scope as stated in the original grant application returned to AAUW Trust by ____________________________ 20___.

I have read and understand the full extent of my obligations to AAUW Trust in accepting this grant ____

Date____________________             SS# or FID# ________________________________

Printed Name of Grantee________________________________________________________

Signature of Grantee_________________________________________________________

Fort Wayne Branch AAUW Trust chair signature_____________________________________

This contract shall be signed and returned at the time of awarding of grant funds.

Revised 2015