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Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust

P.O. Box 10993, Fort Wayne, IN 46855

Qualifications for Application for a Grant

  1. Funds granted by Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust are limited to nonprofit organizations, public service projects, individual project/research of AAUW (for AAUW members only).
  2. Funds are NOT granted for salaries, royalties or utilities. In addition, any COVID expenses (i.e. masks, sanitizer, disinfectant) are not eligible for grant funds.
  3. Applications for projects with profit potential to the applicant and/or the Branch Trust shall be considered on an individual basis, only after consultation with the legal counsel of the Trust
  4. Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust shall consider a grant application from the same organization or individual outside of AAUW no sooner than three years from the date of their last grant award. For a grant recipient, refer to the information on the Grant History page (For example, a grant recipient of April 2023 would be eligible to reapply in January 2027).
  5. Grants must be submitted electronically through the use of this website. Completed submission will be verified through the copy of the application sent to the email address on the application. This represents applicant notification of receipt of application.
  6. Applications to Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust may not transfer from one grant period to another grant period. Reapplication is required.
  7. If grant money is placed in an interest bearing account by the grant recipient, the interest shall be returned to Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust to be added to the interest pool from which future grants shall be given.
  8. Grant awardees are required to submit a written report (use the form on this website) at the April meeting that concludes the awarded grant time period.
  9. Grant awardees are required to prepare a five minute visual presentation to share at the April meeting.
  10. Please limit your request to a dollar amount that falls from $500 to $3,000.


All receipts for expenditures must be attached as well as examples of publicity and other forms of media used to acknowledge the project and AAUW Trust as funding source.

To meet legal requirements governing Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust, grantees must also present an oral report at said April public meeting.


    *For 2024, grant requests are only accepted by AAUW Fort Wayne Branch from January 1, 2024 through  February 28, 2024.