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          The AAUW Action Fund was established July 1, 2009, following a strategic restructuring of AAUW, the AAUW Educational Foundation, and the AAUW Leadership and Training Institute.

            i)  The AAUW Action Fund supports AAUW’s continuing goal of breaking through barriers for women and girls, and it does so through member     activism and voter mobilization.  Both organizations have a nationwide network of nearly 100,000 members, 1,000 branches, and 500 college/university institution partners.  Donations to this fund are not tax deductible.

                ii) Contributions to AAUW Funds are fully tax deductible and can be restricted to any specific fund or program by writing the fund or program name or number on your check or in an accompanying document.  You can also give on line at  The designated funds and programs are as follows:


AAUW FUNDS #9110  Gifts that are not restricted to a specific fund but go to support programs with the greatest needs.  

LEGAL ADVOCACY FUND #3999    (“LAF”)  A partial list of programs includes:  Legal Case Support; LAF Case Support Travel Grants; Campus Outreach Projects; and research projects.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES AND FUND #4336  This fund supports Fellowships and Grants, Community Action Grants and Career Development Grants; Fellows Alumnae initiative; and Undergraduate Scholarship Clearinghouse.

PUBLIC POLICY FUND  #4337  This fund supports Government Relations; Civic Engagement; and Field Organizing.  

LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS FUND #4339  This fund supports The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NDDWSL) and Campus Action Projects that encourage and train women to run for government offices on campus (“Elect Her”).

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT FUND #9170   This fund supports the AAUW research reports such as STEM (“Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”;), “Behind the Pay Gap”; “Hostile Hallways”; and, “How Schools Short Change Girls”.