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The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN is an association of 165,000 university graduates and donors. It values and seeks a diverse membership.
National Conventions are held biennially in the states that have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.

° AAUW began in Boston in 1881 with a dual purpose – to further the education and advancement of women and to utilize the privilege of higher education for community betterment. Today these goals are just as vital.

° The four areas of interest remain constant – Cultural, Community, Education, and International Relations.

° A committee on “Women” was added as an action arm for women’s issues. Out of members’ expressions of emerging interests and issues, a public policy document is formulated by the National Program Development Committee and IN Board of Directors.

° The theme for this biennium is “Empowering Women Since 1881.” 

° These issues are implemented in study-action groups under any of the four areas of interest. The number of study-action groups in a branch is limited only by branch interest and leadership.

° AAUW advances EQUITY for all women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. .

° AAUW is neither a social nor an invitational organization.


Partner in Tapestry Day for Women with IFPW
Gender Equity in the Classroom/Behind the Pay Gap
Educational Equity Including Science, Technology Math, and Engineering, and (STEM) for Girls
Voter Education Information and Forums
Fort Wayne Branch, AAUW Trust
Diversity Awareness Programs/International Woman’s Day/Women’s History Month
Support of Diversity Awareness Programs, International Woman’s Day, and Women’s History Month
Public Policy Education/Pay Equity Day/Women’s Equality Day
Public Policy Education, Pay Equity Day, and Women’s Equality Day are also supported by AAUW
Collaborating with YWCA/League of Women’s Voters/Ivy Tech Northeast/Hope House/FW Women’s Bureau
We also work with the following organizations/ /LINKS/Fort Wayne Urban
AAUW also works collaboratively with the following organization: LINKS, Fort Wayne Urban League, Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN Tech University, Young Leaders of NE Indiana (YLNI)
Mission-Based AAUW Programming for Members and Community


The Woman of the Year Recognition Award was instituted by the local branch in 1949 for the purpose of honoring members who have given outstanding service to AAUW and/or the community.
Nominations may be submitted to the Recognition Committee by any member of the Branch. The Award is conferred at the Annual Meeting.

Women of the Year Award recipient for year 2018 – Joanne Beerbower


Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s vision of a more equitable world, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund has as its goal to implement systematic social changes that will provide a better environment for girls and women. This award goes to women who have helped to achieve this goal.

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Honoree for the year 2018 – Barb Kanning

Emerging Leader – Eileen Fraser

Branch  –  Pen Pals “R” Us

Membership: Join our Branch!

MEMBERSHIP in AAUW is open to all women and men graduates with an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from any college or university. AAUW is neither a social or invitational organization.

By joining AAUW, we belong to a community that breaks through educational and
economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance

Students in either an associate or baccalaureate program are also eligible for membership as a Student Affiliate. They may participate in all Branch activities, but are ineligible to hold office or vote.

° Privileges of branch membership include the annual Branch yearbook and a newsletter, which is published six to eight times a year and State newsletters published quarterly as well as the Association “Outlook” magazine published bi-annually.

° Monthly meetings and Interest Groups keep members informed on a variety of topics. Should a member move, membership in this branch may be transferred to the new branch upon request. 

° Privileges of national membership include the following: 

  1. Resource material on current issues of special concern to women. 
  2. Worldwide travel opportunities tailored to the educated woman. 
  3. An official observer at the United Nations. 
  4. Hospital and life insurance plans designed specifically for women. 
  5. Professional critiques for personal art and written works. 
  6. Up to twenty-five percent off publishers’ prices on adult and children’s books and larger magazine discounts.
  7. Friendship of college-educated women and men.

* Through the AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund, Fellowships, Grants, and Awards for U.S. and International Women Scholars on a graduate level can be applied for and one need not be a member of AAUW. In 2012, $4.3 million was awarded. 

We welcome new members!

2019 – 2020 DUES:


National and Fort Wayne BRANCH DUES $77.00

National Dues                        $59.00

State Dues                             $7:00 and Local Dues  $18.00

Student Affiliate Dues             $18.81 – National only. (There is no State or local charge.)

Regular membership is available to anyone holding an associate or equivalent (e.g., RN), baccalaureate, or higher degree from a qualified educational institution. Fort Wayne Branch dues are ($18.00). A National membership only is a member-at-large. A M.A.L. is a member of the Association ($59.00),  but not a member of a local Branch.

A “LIFETIME Membership” is available and members pay a one-time fee to National AAUW of $1,180.00 and an annual fee to the State and Local Branch of $25.00.

Student affiliation is available to undergraduate and degree-seeking graduate students attending a qualified educational institution for ($18.81)  

Free e-Students: Undergraduates/Graduates attending AAUW member schools (the institution is an AAUW Partner) may join nationally for free. Visit and search e-student for more information.

To Join the Branch, contact:

Membership Co-Directors

Donna McKenzie, 260-450-9160

Kris Conner, 260-747-5776