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The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is an association of 165,000 University graduates and donors. It values and seeks a diverse membership. National Conventions are held biennially in the states that have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • AAUW began in Boston in 1881 with a dual purpose – to further the education and advancement of women and to utilize the privilege of higher education for community betterment. Today these goals are just as vital.
  • The four areas of interest remain constant – Cultural, Community, Education, and International Relations.
  • A committee on “Women” was added as an action arm for women’s issues. Out of members’ expressions of emerging interests and issues, a public policy document is formulated by the National Program Development Committee and Indiana Board of Directors.
  • The theme for this biennium is “Empowering Women Since 1881.”
  • Study-action groups help bring updated awareness about the four areas of interest. An AAUW Branch is limited only by the Branch interest and leadership.
  • AAUW advances EQUITY for all women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.


The following are some of the projects and collaborations with other community organizations:

  • Gender Equity in the Classroom: Behind the Pay Gap
  • Educational Equity Including Science, Technology, Math, Arts, Engineering, or “STEAM” for Girls
  • Voter Education Information and Forums
  • AAUW is supportive of Diversity Awareness Programs, International Woman’s Day, and Women’s History Month.
  • Public Policy Education; Pay Equity Day; and Women’s Equality Day are also supported by our organization.
  • Fort Wayne AAUW has worked collaboratively on projects with organizations such as the YWCA, The League of Women Voters, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Hope House, LINKS, Fort Wayne Urban League, Young Leaders of NE Indiana (YLNI), to support mission-based programs for members and make community improvements.
  • Start Smart & Work Smart Training: Current projects with Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana Tech – Fort Wayne help promote “Start Smart” and “Work Smart” training for women graduating from college and entering the workforce.
  • National Conference of College Women Student Leadership Training (NCCWSL): AAUW encourages women to become strong leaders by sponsoring college women to attend the NCCWSL Conference held yearly. In 2021, Carolyn Pang, a student at Purdue University Fort Wayne was chosen to attend the NCCWSL Conference. Carolyn’s major is in Psychology. After attending the 2021 National NCCWSL Conference, Ms. Pang was so inspired by the leadership training received, she is working on a graduate degree in Psychology.

NCCWSL Winners – 2023

The mission of AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) is to foster a moment that ignites a powerful movement. Year after year, our conference brings together hundreds of college women from across the nation for an immersive mulit-day experience of leadership training, inspiration, and networking. We strive to cultivate an inclusive and equitable space where attendees can enter as passionate leaders and depart with the skills, confidence, and perspective necessary to pursue their goals and drive meaningful change.

Zoey Carver from GOAL y Amigos was selected to attend the conference in 2023. She attended our December event and shared her experience with us. She loved the conference.

“This conference was so fun I’m really glad I got to go. Everyone was really welcoming and I met a lot of really cool people. I learned a lot about owning my accomplishments which I think I really needed because I struggle talking about everything I do and feeling like I’m bragging. I also learned a lot about how and where to apply for internships and work in research. Soooooooo happy I went, made a lot of friends from all over the country including Puerto Rico!!

NCCWSL provides the opportunity for young women to connect with like-minded individuals outside of their immediate community and empowers them to make the change they want to see.”


Zoey Carver

Ivy Tech Community College

AAUW Trust Grants


  • After receiving a financial grant from the AAUW Trust, author and playwright, Ruth Tyndall Baker launched the world premiere production of her play, ‘Women Unbound,’ in March, 2022. The play was produced on the campus of Purdue University Fort Wayne. The AAUW Trust grant funding was utilized to help with production costs. The play featured several talented actresses portraying the daughters of Fort Wayne’s Hamilton family. The sisters were tremendously ahead of their time in working to improve the lives of women. The women helped establish national safety and health standards in work environments, established shelters to provide food and safety for impoverished families, and wrote prolifically. Many of textbooks that were published by the Hamilton women in various languages are still utilized today.
AAUW Member Ruth Tyndall Baker
women unbound image
  • AAUW members collected and donated many interesting books for the children who attend the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne.
image of donation to Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne



for 2022


The Woman of the Year Recognition was instituted by the local Fort Wayne Branch of AAUW in 1949 for the purpose of honoring members who have given outstanding service to AAUW and/or the community. Nominations may be submitted to the Recognition Committee by any member of the Fort Wayne Branch. The Award is conferred at the Annual Meeting. This year’s award was presented to:

2022 Woman of the Year Award –   Dr. Bobbie Weikle

Previously serving as the Chair of the AAUW Branch Trust for four years, Dr. Weikle has served as President of the AAUW Fort Wayne Branch from 2018-2022. During her tenure, AAUW membership has been increased with 32 new members this year. Bobbie challenges everyone to keep going forward with bringing in New Members!

Bobbie Weikle

2022 Eleanor Roosevelt Award

Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s vision of a more equitable world, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund has as its goal to implement systematic social changes that will provide a better environment for girls and women. This award goes to women who have helped to achieve this goal. The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Honoree for the year 2022 was awarded to: Eileen Fraser

Eileen Fraser

Eileen Fraser (left)

Eileen has done an excellent job serving as the current AAUW Fort Wayne Branch Treasurer since 2019. She also keeps track of the AAUW Brunch reservations and membership fees and helps keep the Branch organized!

2022 Community Leader Awards:

 Each year there are AAUW Fort Wayne Branch members who have shown outstanding leadership through their partnerships formed with our organization in collaboration with their work sites and other community organizations. This year’s AAUW Branch Awards were presented to:

Dr. Terri Swim –

2022 Community Leader Award:

Dr. Swim, Professor at Purdue University (left), has served our Branch as AAUW College/University Representative since 2018 and worked with Branch members to help train young women to become strong leaders. With Terri’s help, AAUW has continued to send many young women to attend the National Conference of College Women Student Leaders (our NCCWSL project.)

Dr. Swim has also helped to facilitate training sessions which utilized AAUWs Start Smart training materials to help people learn better salary negotiation skills. These training sessions have helped train many students who are entering the job market.

Terri Swim (left)

Stephany Bourne

Stephany Bourne (left)

2022 Community Leadership Award:

 Stephany Bourne –

“Outstanding New Leader – 2022”

 A former Special Educator and seasoned Principal, Stephany Bourne has been serving in the position of Co-Director of Membership since 2019. She was recently elected at the March Annual Meeting to serve in the position of Director of Programs for the 2022-24 fiscal year. AAUW is known national for its work to help improve the lives of women. We are always trying to provide dynamic speakers for our meetings to help tackle the tough issues that women and families face.


Join our Ft. Wayne Branch of AAUW!

Membership in AAUW is open to all women and men graduates with an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from any college or University. AAUW is neither a social or invitational organization.

By joining AAUW, we belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

  • Students in either an associate or baccalaureate program are also eligible for membership as a “Student Affiliate.” They may participate in all Branch activities, but are ineligible to hold office or vote.
  • Monthly meetings and Interest Groups keep members informed on a variety of topics. Should a member move, membership in this AAUW Branch may be transferred to the new Branch upon request.
  • Privileges of AAUW National Membership include the following:
  1. Resource material on current issues of special concern to women.
  2. Worldwide travel opportunities tailored to the educated women.
  3. An official observer at the United Nations.
  4. Hospital and life insurance plans designed specifically for women.
  5. Professional critiques for personal art and written works.
  6. Up to twenty-five percent off publishers’ prices on adult and children’s books an larger magazine discounts.


*U.S. and International Women Scholars who are working on graduate level degrees may apply for Fellowships, Grants, and Awards through the AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund. One need not be a member of AAUW to apply. One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women students, AAUW provided over 5 million dollars in funding for fellowships and grants outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2021 academic year.

 We welcome new members!

DUES:  2023-2024


____ Regular ………………… $99.00 = (Includes National AAUW $72.00 + State $7.00 + Ft. Wayne Branch $20.00)

____ PAID LIFE MEMBER…  $27.00 = State $7.00 + Ft. Wayne Branch $20.00

____ STUDENT………………  $25.00 = National $19.00 + State $2.00 + Ft. Wayne Branch $4.00

____ HONORARY LIFE…… $      0  ** (Please consider a donation for Branch expenditures.)

(Note: $69.00 of national dues is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.)

National membership is a Member-at-Large or (MAL). A MAL is a member of the Association but not a member of a local Branch. Fee: $72.00

LIFE membership – members pay a one-time fee to National AAUW of $1,440 which is fully tax deductible. An annual fee may be paid to the state and local Ft. Wayne Branch for $20.00.

Student E-student affiliate dues are free if the Institution is an AAUW Partner.

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To join the AAUW Fort Wayne Branch, contact:

Membership Director:
Monette King Email: [email protected]

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